Battery Life Calculator

Wi-care about the battery lifetime of our Wireless and vibration temperature sensor.

By entering simple data in the xlsxspread sheet here after you will discover how long our battery is expected to last.
Don't hesitate to fine tune your input data to see the longest lifetime achievable with your constraints. Slide the pointer on the cell to see the comments and let you guide through.

For example: I want a real spectrum for analysis => 1600lines with a Fmax of 2000 HZ. I want a spectrum collected every 3 hours, 240 spectrums per month.
I want also in the case of a manual spectrum data acquisition, getting data in a maximum waiting time of 30 minutes.
As a result of my intensive use request, I discover that the battery should last almost 5 years (4,95).

xlsxDownload spreadsheet to calculate you battery life.

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Distributors wanted

You like our wireless system; you believe your customers will be also enthusiastic.  I invite you to join our team to develop your activity via the Wi-care system.
Join the I-CARE growing network by answering our research for durable sales partnership over Europe, Africa, Asia and USA.
Send me an email at
Nicolas Bleret, I-care, Belgium
Business Development director